About Us

Our Story

Though our Golpata home became Bangladesh’s first B&B in 2013, our story began in 2003, when children of a project Ms. Joanna visited on her first visit to the country overwhelmed her heart. When her former employer had to close the doors, she needed a way to take care of her beloved kids. One day, she met Mr. Mahadi, who had a dream to transform tourism in Bangladesh and open up the world to his home country.

Together, they started to discuss how to develop a new kind of community-based eco-tourism, one that not only turns profits into funding for children’s education and basic living but also gives jobs to young adults. Golpata is the result of their dreams.

Our Team


Sheikh Abu Mahadi served in the military and UN Mission for 16 years before retiring as a major and dedicating his life to renewable energy and sustainable tourism. Having founded Golpata as an inroad to sustainable tourism, he is responsible for our business side. His priority is the security and comfort of all Golpata guests. During his leisure time, he’s involved in social work and he loves to innovate new ideas for (green) businesses, also.

Mahadi- Golpata