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You can reach anyone in our Golpata family here.


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Getting Here

From the airport or train station: (15 minutes by road) Taxi, 500-1000 Tk. Ask for prices to Showra. Or walk past the parking lot for CNG or Uber, 200-350 Tk. Or public bus, 20 Tk.

From Gulshan: Taxi or rickshaw, 40-100 Tk (10-20 minutes). Tell driver Jamuna Future Park. Or walk (30-40 minutes).

Book with Us

You can book directly by sending us a message with your desired dates, length of stay, estimated time of arrival, and bed/AC preference. We’ll answer you with our availibility as soon as we can.

At the Airport

For international arrivals, security may ask to see proof of accomodation in Dhaka. Please bring a copy of your booking receipt or email confirmation. If there are any problems, feel free to have the customs officer call us.