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A beautiful vacation house in the Jolshiri Abashon. It is one the best compact vacation house you can get near Dhaka for any small family gathering, quality time spend with your loved ones or have a quiet party. We also host any special event like bridal shower, baby shower or corporate events.


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Corporate Events

We host corporate events

Jolshiri Vacation house is one of the prime places to organize and host a corporate event because of its elegance and open space in the nature.
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Cycling Events

Cycling in Jolshiri

Jolshiri with its amazing view and roads, is one of the great place for cycling and we love to host cycling events.
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Birthday Party

Birthday Parties

You can host the best birthday party for your loved ones here in Jolshiri Vacation House
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Baby / Bridal Shower

Baby / Bridal Shower

Jolshiri Vacation house is perfect for Baby shower or Bridal shower or even baby birthday photoshoots.
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Plot 14, Road No: 509, Sector:6, Jolshiri Avashon 1229 Dhaka, Dhaka Division, Bangladesh Dhaka, Bangladesh |
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