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All tours are private and customized for you by default.

As Bangladesh is still new to tourism, we do not offer set-date group tours at the moment. The bonus is that this will give you the most personalized experience.

If you would like to see if other guests may be interested, feel free to send us an inquiry to see if anyone else has expressed interest for the same dates. Or, just show up and see who would like to join!

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What is “Eco-Tourism” or “Community-Based” Travel?

When you are traveling with us, we are always thinking about where the money will go. To a family’s dinner or to an international conglomerate? Unlike in other countries, in Bangladesh, tourists won’t get hassled. It is up to us to decide how to spend.

  • Learn about the community, connect with your guide, visit families in local villages.
  • Spread the cash. We rotate drivers, guides, etc. for every tour, so more people can profit.
  • Opt for local transport. Support rickshaw wallahs for their hard work.
  • Stop for 10 Taka tea at a small shop. Even a little can make a difference.
  • Stay at homestays or the like when available.
  • Taking filtered water from our B&B!